Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sharon Cuneta's Wack-Wack Home

Some years ago when Sharon Cuneta's house in Wack-Wack was newly-built, it was featured in a broadsheet. The color theme then was yellow, as reflected in the walls and furniture.  There was also a huge infinity pool in the backyard.

The house was again featured in the April 2010 issue of Yes! Magazine, but this time, after it was renovated.  I like this one better. The new color scheme is muted and warm, making the interiors look cozy and welcoming.  Plus, the rooms are bright with all the windows and glass walls. The big infinity pool was replaced by a smaller pool to make way for more garden space.

The photos below were taken from Pep.ph. To see more photos, visit the Pep.ph gallery | Sharon Cuneta: The Happy Homemaker

The house
The back garden
The guesthouse and the pool
The foyer
The main living room where Sen. Kiko receives guests.
The second living room used by the family.
Dining Room

To read the article, go to Pep.ph | Sharon Cuneta:  The Happy Homemaker

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